Mullet Pin Rigs – Mullet Dredge teasers

                                              Dredge teaser trolled under water

The hot item in tournament sportfishing is the mullet dredge teasers, which create a school of bait fish, trolled closely behind your boat to attract fish to your baits. These teasers are trolled on spreader bars, or on the larger umbrella spreaders, and can troll from a few baits, to as many as 20 or 30 artificial or natural baits.

The “Pin Rig” shown above is the quick solution to rigging split tailed or de-boned mullet for your dredge teasers. The Pin Rigs come ready made and can be easily rigged to the head of the mullet, and secured with waxed ‘Tacky Wax” rigging floss in seconds. (See Photos). When trolling a large spread of mullet, a crew can easily need several dozen or more baits to fish the day. These ready made pin rigs save rigging time.

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