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If you fish soft plastic lures in freshwater or salt water, you need Logic Lures new Wiggly Jiggly’s. These lures are “hot” for red fish, trout, snook, and permit, on the bays and flats.  Freshwater anglers love them for big bass and steelhead.

These jig heads have revolutionized soft plastic bait fishing, with their patented flexible hook attached to the jig head. Most jig heads have a stationary hook molded into the head, which prevents the plastic lure from flexing except in the tail area. The front of the lure is therefore stiff. The Wiggly Jiggly allows the lures to move from the head back, and provides a much more natural swimming motion. Whether used as a swimming retrieve, or a jerk motion, the Logic lures look like the real thing. The Wiggly Jiggly jig heads can be sues with any of your favorite soft plastic baits, but Logic lures makes their own “Fluttter Tails” which are perfect for the Wiggly Jiggly lure system.

Watch the Logic lures in action at the our Bass Tackle Depot site.  Buy all of the Logic Lure products at the Fishing Tackle Depot.



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