The Alabama Rigs are setting records in Oklahoma


Dale Miller of Panama holds a new state record largemouth bass caught from Cedar                     Lake. It’s the second consecutive year Cedar Lake has produced a state record bass.

Alabama Rigs in Oklahoma

A new lake record largemouth bass (12.3 pounds) was caught March 3rd by angler Billy Lemon on Grand Lake, Oklahoma on an Alabama Rig. The fish won a local tournament. The following week, Lemon won the FLW’s Bass Fishing Tournament on the same lake, catching Almost 20 pounds of fish using the Alabama Rig again. Billy uses the Gene Larew Sweet Swimmers to tip the umbrella wires of the umbrella Rig.

On Wednesday March 20th, angler Dale Miller of Panama caught an Oklahoma state record largemouth bass on an Alabama Rig. Several double digit bass have been caught from Arbuckle on the red hot Alabama umbrella rigs.


A local tournament angler and tackle dealer declares “if you throw it ( the Alabama Rig) at Arbuckle, something’s going to eat it.” Since Lemon’s success, sales of the Alabama Rigs is up over 30 – 40% in the state of Oklahoma. Finding soft baits locally to fish on the Alabama Rigs has become difficult.

The Alabama Rigs are called umbrella rigs due to the five spreader wires that protrude from the head of the lure. Each spreader wire pulls a lure, and when pulled through the water, the rig looks like an entire school of bait fish. The most popular color bait used in the local Oklahoma fisheries is a dark colored back and white belly shad plastic lures.

One caution is that the rig does not do well around weeds or brush piles due to the five hooks in the water at the same time. Experienced anglers recommend using heavier braid than usual, in case it gets hung up. A strong pull can straighten out hooks that may be hung up on snags. One B.A.S.S. Elite Series tournament angler recommends that if the rig gets hung up, you need to go to the lure and pull straight up. It will usually come loose that way.

The Alabama Rigs have caused quite a stir nation wide. Several States have even outlawed them. The B.A.S.S. Elite Series have banned them because anglers have caught so many fish on them.

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Catfish like the Alabama Rig too!








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