Leave it to a Bass to eat a lure that is almost as big as it is!

I had a small but ferocious large mouth bass in a wild fish aquarium literally gorge himself to death years ago.

Over about four months, that bass, about six inches long, had cleaned the tank of all other fish accept a gold shiner, that was almost as big as he was. Amazingly, the bass was being fed Missouri minnows every other day on a regular basis. The issue wasn’t that he was hungry, it was territorial. He became possessed with chasing down and eating everything in that tank.

I watched him chasing that shiner for three days. It was so big I thought, “there is no way he can actually eat that shiner”.

The third evening I watched as he caught the shiner by the head. I quickly disengaged it from his mouth. The shiner, a little dazed, swam away unscathed.

The next morning however, The bass had him again, and had swallowed the head down to the gills. The rest of the shiner was hanging out of his mouth and was dead. The bass was laying on the bottom of the aquarium, could hardly swim with the shiner in his mouth, but was slowly working the huge meal down it’s throat. Over the next day and a half, that bass continued to slowly swallow the shiner. There was nothing I could do to help him at that point.

The bass was able to start swimming again the second day, with nothing but a small portion of the tail hanging out of it’s mouth. I though, “he might pull this off after all!”

But the third day the bass lay dead at the bottom of the tank. The shiner was totally digested, but the largemouth’s lust for that shiner killed him.

There must be a life lesson in that somewhere!

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