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Fishing Tackle Depot owned adn operated by a Big Game Fishing Professoinal with over 55 years experience in salt and freshwater sport and tournament fishing. Mickey Oliphant has been on and in the waters of the eastern United States and the Bahama Islands all of his life, and has fished both pleasure and professionally since he was 4 years old. His dad was a pioneer in the outboard boatng industry for over 35 years, and Mickey was raised in boats and on the water virtually all of his life. His profressional career began at age 11 when he became a mate on board the “Catchelot” a head boat fishing out of Palm Beach Inlet. At age 18, he began charter sportfishing, and at 2o bacme a professional tournament Captain and mate fishing the billfish and tuna tournament circuits of South Florida and the Bahama for 2 1/2 years.

Mickey fished the Master’s Sailfish Tournment, the IGFA Sail fish Tournment, the IWFA Sailfish Tournament, and The Gold Cup Sailfish Tournament, out of Palm Beach for three years, winning the 1972 Masters as high boat. He fished the first ever Walkers Cay Invitational Blue Marlin Tournament in 1970, and the First ever Bacardi Rum Invitational Blue Marlin Tournment in Bimini in 1970. The highlight of his career was fishing the Bimini Blue Fin Tuna tournament circuits in the early 1970’s out of Bimini and Cat Cay.

Since his early retirement from the “Game” professionally, Mickey has continued to fish his own boats, and as an designated angler with friends in numerous tournments, benefits and fishing excursions over the past 40+ years. Mickey considers himself blessed to have been taught by, and crewed with, some of the true pioneers of big game Sportfishing, and to have fished along side of some of the top anglers to have ever picked up a rod and reel.

His goal with Fishing Tackle Depot is to provide the fishing enthusiasts at all levels with the very best quality fishing tackle and accessories available in the insdustry, while encouraging education and conservsation of our wonderful fishing resources, for future generations.


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